Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Finding Phlebotomy Jobs After Certification

While phlebotomy training may not require as many years as getting trained as a doctor, there are some tough courses required and a skill set that not everyone possesses. It only seems fair that after the rigorous training that is required there would be an abundance of phlebotomy jobs just waiting in the wings. Luckily, that is exactly the case, and you'll have your pick of jobs and facilities to work for.

How to Locate the Best Phlebotomy Jobs

As you near your completion and get ready to write your certification exam, your training facility or college can be a tremendous help to you. They will advise you on the most lucrative job openings based on your area of expertise. They will help you build your resume and make sure you are prepared for interviews. If you plan on moving out of state or even out of your current city, the training facility can help locate job openings in the area of your choice. Of course, the internet is a primary resource as well for locating job openings. Part of your required training will involve some hands-on work, and this is a wonderful opportunity to showcase your skills and talent, not only medically, but socially as well. Treating other staff members and patients with care and respect can give you a huge advantage over your competition.

Finding Phlebotomy Jobs in an Uncertain Economy

One of the best reasons to work in the medical field is that these types of jobs are recession-proof. Regardless of the economy, there will always be a demand for doctors, nurses, medical professionals and of course, phlebotomists. It is considered one of the safest professions and will support you and your family for years to come. Just because the government is grossly mismanaging the public's funds and countries are going bankrupt, doesn't mean that you have to follow.

Phlebotomy jobs are plentiful across the country and experts predict that the demand for professionals will continue to grow in the coming years. Getting great marks and passing every exam on the first try, including the certification exam will give you an edge over others who may be struggling. The courses are not easy and they are not meant for the faint of heart; but with some determination, perseverance and plain old hard work, this can become a very satisfying career.

While you are working through your courses, do some networking with other medical professionals and let others know about your new career path. That old saying still holds true today, "It's not what you know, and it's who you know." You just may cross paths with someone who can help you land your dream job; it may be at a party, church, or thanksgiving dinner.